Our Story / History


Have you ever returned home from a vacation and regardless of all the photos snapped there is a longing to relive the experience, sites, smells, and tastes?  I have ventured to Italy many times connecting with family and friends, always returning home with a collection of photos, wine, and great memories.  Flying back after my last trip, I knew something had changed in me.  Although photos capture a moment in time, sharing a travel experience with those you love back home is longer lasting.  Italians love to cook and enjoy their meals alfresco sometimes using wood-fired ovens or grills. Forno DeMaria was born from my trips to Italy and a strong desire to unite family and friends with food, something that was baked into my DNA growing up in Brooklyn, New York.


Our parents immigrated from Sicily, near Palermo and settled in Brooklyn.  They were determined to lay down roots and start a family. My sister and I completed the other half of the Sicilian puzzle.  Our family, along with aunts, uncles, and countless cousins formed a tight knit group all living under one roof in a three-story brownstone.

As a child, my fondest memories were when we all converged around a giant dining room table to celebrate Sunday meals.  Our breaking of the bread seemed to last for hours.  Thick accented conversations and stories of the motherland could be heard down the block as it weaved its way through the homemade pasta, wine, pizza, and pastries.

Although Brooklyn is now a distant memory, my desire and passion to unite and feed those around me will live on.  Those who know me well say it’s my love language.

Hopefully my story connected and inspired you, stirring the imagination to cook with fire creating an experience uniting you with your family.  Feel free to reach out and let me know if you have any questions or simply to share your family story.



Anthony DeMaria