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Forno DeMaria Pizza Oven

Our outdoor wood burning pizza oven design is a simple one-piece continuous solid-weld construction made of ASTM A36 hot rolled steel with a melting point of 2,600 to 2,800 degrees. The outer shell from the top portion or Roman arch down to the feet is 16 gauge steel (0.0598). The fire pan that holds the clay bricks is 12 gauge steel (0.105). We recommend adding 22 bricks to the inside pan allowing for oven longevity and increased thermal mass. Oven weight without the bricks is 68 lbs. Clay bricks are a natural material allowing for direct contact with food. If you live within a 300 mile radius of Durham, North Carolina, Forno DeMaria will personally deliver your oven for $100.

Photo credit: Lydia Demaria


Weight 68 lbs
Internal combined cooking and fire area 22 ½” x 37″ totaling 832 square inches
Front height opening 12 ¼”
Chimney height 15″
Chimney diameter 4 ½”
Overall height including chimney 34″

pizza oven - front

Photo credit: Lydia DeMaria


Contact your local county or state fire department to understand fire codes that may apply to your area and outdoor wood-fired ovens.

Take precautions with oven location, children, and pets.  Consider the backyard, patio, or outdoor kitchen space positioning your oven on a flat and level surface made of stone, brick, concrete, steel, or an aluminum table.

The table or platform must be capable of sustaining the weight of the oven (68 lbs.) plus the 22 bricks (4 lbs. per brick) totaling 156 lbs.

Our oven may only be operated outdoors.  Consider a safety zone around your oven of 6 to 10 feet.  Stay clear of high grass, bushes, shrubs, trees, and structures such as garages, barns, and dwellings/homes.

Do not lean on or rest objects on the oven, as this may compromise its stability and performance.

WARNING: Improper installation, adjustment, alteration, service, or maintenance can cause property damage, injury, or death


Our oven is constructed without a buffer or insulation between the inside burning area and outside skin resulting in extreme heat.

Outdoor wood-fired ovens are fully capable of reaching higher temperatures than a typical indoor kitchen oven.

Never leave the oven until all flames and embers are thoroughly extinguished.

Unless an emergency, do not apply water to the hot oven to extinguish flames and embers.

Use gloves and the necessary tools to manipulate, move, or adjust embers, hot coals and food.

In the beginning stages of your fire, you may notice excessive amounts of flame, smoke and sparks exiting via the chimney and oven mouth—-this is normal.  As your fire starts to mature and produce hot embers, smoke, and large flames will decrease.


  • 22 clay bricks 4x9x1-¼  each brick weighs 4 lbs., totaling 88 lbs.  Some of these bricks may break so a few extra are recommended
  • Heavy duty gloves/mitts rated for extreme heat
  • Small shovel to remove ash
  • Small metal hook to move embers or hot coals
  • Depending on your preference, a wood or aluminum pizza peel
  • Brass pizza brush to clear the ash off the oven floor.
  • Pots and pans made of cast iron or terra cotta capable of withstanding high heat 700-900 °F
  • There are a variety of digital thermometers ranging in price.  I prefer the Metris Dual Laser Infrared Thermometer Model TN425LE) allowing you to accurately measure the internal oven temperature.  Oven readiness will depend on averaging the temperature of the back metal shell and floor.  For example, if the back shell is 750 °F and the floor is 400 °F the average oven temperature is about 575 °F.


The one-piece design allows for little or no maintenance.  Other than the occasional broken brick and cleaning out the ash from the day before, enjoy your oven.

The carbon steel will quickly weather and develop a brownish patina.  No need to worry as this is a natural transition for the hot rolled steel used to construct your oven.  The natural patina will not affect the food safety or oven performance.

Burn seasoned hardwood only (oak, cherry, apple, hickory, maple) and do not use liquid fuels, flammable liquids, accelerants, or anything other than that expressly indicated.  Moist, damp, or old wood will produce excessive smoke prolonging peak temperature and delaying your outdoor cooking experience.

WARNING:  Improper installation, adjustment, alteration, service,or maintenance can cause property damage, injury, or death


Due to the one-piece steel design, no curing is needed

Similar to building a log cabin, place two medium sized oak split pieces of wood toward the rear of the oven aligned front to back.  In between the pieces of oak, add rolled plain paper or brown paper bags.  On top of the oak lay smaller pieces of kindling crisscrossing leading toward the oven roof.  As the fire progresses 15 to 20 minutes of burning, slowly add medium to large pieces of hardwood.

Maintaining consistent temperature is a function of oven design, the amount of thermal mass, and knowing when to add the next piece of seasoned hardwood.  Increasing thermal mass and insulation will increase the efficiency of how the heat from the fire is captured and radiated into the cooking process.  High thermal mass ovens tend to be very temperature consistent allowing for a variety of cooking and baking, but are weighty, sometimes permanent, and expensive.  Our low thermal design is slightly more challenging to operate with the added benefit of being lightweight, mobile, inexpensive, and better suited to cook and grill rather than bake.

To slow down or stop the fire simply stop adding wood and spread out the embers or hot coals across the back of the oven floor and allow it to cool for 24 hours.

pizza oven - side view

Photo credit: Lydia DeMaria


Before the driver leaves, inspect the shipping crate for signs of damage or rough handling.

If the Shock-watch Indicator label is red or missing or the crate is visibly damaged, notate your  bill of lading.  If the crate is seriously damaged, take several photos of the damaged area, reject delivery, fill out a claim form and contact us by phone or e-mail. Your claim form must be completed while the carrier is with you on site in order to complete an insurance claim for damage.

Forno DeMaria is not responsible for damage claims submitted after the carrier has left the delivery site. Carriers will not process damage claims on a shipment that has been accepted and signed for. Your signature and acceptance of the delivery is formal documentation that the delivery is undamaged so carefully inspect your oven on arrival.


Forno DeMaria, creator and distributor of quality outdoor ovens, warrantees its oven (herein referred to as Product) to be free from defects in materials, workmanship and weld points/locations on the structural Product for a period of two (2) years from the date of shipment to the original purchaser only. No other express warranty is given, and no affirmation of Forno DeMaria by words or actions shall constitute additional warranty which is non-transferrable.  Warranty may be invalidated if Product is not correctly installed and operated, according to all supplied instructions.

Product is designed exclusively for cooking food and should not be used for any other purpose.  Product may only be fueled with seaned hardwood of small size, all other wood products such as chemically treated and or painted lumber, chipboard, plywood with resins and/or glue are strictly prohibited.

    • Must not exceed a temperature of 1000°F
    • This product is a non commercial oven not responsible for damages caused by improper installation and/or use.
    • The  manufacturer is not liable for damages or injury resulting from failure to observe this prohibition

Not covered by our warranty:

      • Damage due to not following or adhering to our recommendations for installation, maintenance, and operation.
      • Damage related to extended normal wear and tear.
      • Damage that may accrue to the clay bricks.
      • Damage as result of negligent unpacking of the oven.
      • Damage as result of using combustible material other than wood to light fires in the oven.
      • Damage or discoloration as result of exposure to chemicals.
      • Alteration, modifications, and or applying paint affecting oven performance.

Forno DeMaria may, at its choosing, decide what action is needed to correct and/or address the damage.


All claims considered must be submitted within the 20 day period of the purchase date.  Any and all claims beyond the 20 day period will be considered null and void.

Any and all claims must be submitted in writing including invoice number, purchase date, oven type, model, serial number and three images, and a brief description of the circumstance prompting the warranty claim.

Written authorization must be obtained by Forno DeMaria before any items are shipped to our location.

Any items returned to Forno DeMaria for evaluations and or repair must be shipped with all shipping charges prepaid from the owner and acceptable to us.

In any and all warranty situations, Forno DeMaria reserves the right and has sole responsibility to determine the cause of failure, judge and/or reject any warranty claim not promptly reported, submitted, and/or improperly packaged and or shipped to our warehouse.

Purchaser is responsible for any and all damages resulting from improper packing and/or handling and/or loss in transit.